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We buy sports cards collections

This lovely women next to me, I have had the pleasure of being married to for 35 years!   She is amazing in so many ways!  One of those ways, that I do not take lightly, is that she lets me play with my hobby and take over our home with such a huge "Lot of Cards".  It is somewhat nuts, but fun at the same time.    Some day when I am gone she along with my three now adult children, are  going to need help with what to do with all these pieces of cardboard! 

However, in the meantime as I plan to hopefully be around for many more years
I buy or have contacts to buy all years of cards with particular interest in All Pre - 1970's cards including low grade.  Pre 1980 Superstars, Rookies, Wax Boxes/Packs and Sets  Ideally we are looking for collections in the New England area.  Buy entire collections big and small! 
Simply email or text Mike @: sales@lotofcards.com  603-557-5919 
Trust me I buy too much! Just ask my wife!  
Our 3 proudest accomplishments together below!    
FYI: Entire collection protected by an alarm system
       This mean and vicious guard dog!