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Vintage Basketball and Football 1989 and back on Facebook

Vintage Basketball 1989 and back on Facebook is our group for selling, collecting and purchasing vintage basketball cards and memorabilia.  This is a Facebook group that was started in July of 2019 and modeled after a very successful vintage football group managed and started by a different administrator.  However, Mike Levine of Lot of Cards and many of our members are active in the football group as well.

To apply to join the Vintage Basketball Group please click here:

To apply to join the Vintage Football Group please click here:

The rules in Vintage Basketball, Football and the Lot of Cards group are pretty similar for sure.   The wording for the rules of the vintage basketball group is below:

    • Imagine a group where I get very few complaints! A group where buyers of Vintage Basketball cards from 1989 on back get the chance to purchase some great cards and memorabilia from sellers that care about their buyers and want to offer fair deals. This is what I strive for with this group.

      I am all about the buyer's shopping experience for this group. There are good practices for sellers and buyers though:
    • Sellers:

  • Do no more than 5 new postings a day. Obviously some of your posts will go more than 24 hours. However, only please list 5 new ones each day.
  • Post only vintage basketball cards from 1989 on back in this group. If you have a cool auto or game used of a vintage player that was made in newer years that is ok. However 95% of your posts should be of cards of vintage basketball players.
  • Take great pictures of the fronts and the backs of the cards. Even if they are graded cards I would like us to still show the backs of the cards. Please do not zoom in so much that you can not see the 4 corners of the cards.
  • Do not bump your listing more than twice a day. A bump is any reply or comment from you in a given day about your listing. So even if a buyer asks a question your reply counts as a bump. So if a seller asks a question you are best to private message them unless you want that reply as one of your two bumps.
  • Try to make lots/groups of cards. I do not want this group to only be single card offerings. Give the buyers the chance to make good purchases.
  • A single card should not be offered with shipping
    greater than $4.00. Certainly offer to combine shipping whenever possible.
  • I do not like in anyway that a vintage card is sent in a PWE. Realize that may be allowed in other groups but not in this one. I take great pride and honor vintage cards. Sending in PWE may save a dollar or two but it is not a safe way to send vintage cards.
  • Do not get into arguments with buyers or other sellers. Bring issues to me that can not be resolved in an adult civil manner.
  • To sell in this group you need to have PayPal as your preferred method of selling and you should be taking payments as goods and services. You can not ask in your listing for other methods of payments if you do not also list PayPal.
  • Buyers:

  • Please if you notice anything unfair from a seller let me know. Please do not attempt to argue or disparage any listing in the comments. If you do not like a seller's offerings simply do not purchase or bid on it. Do not list negative comments or your opinion of the card's price, condition or anything at all that could influence other buyers opinions. Remember people collect different things. We all do not like the exact same years, teams, players, brands etc.
  • Please pay quickly and make sure you communicate when you make a payment to a seller and when you receive the item well packaged. If you do not like the packaging used please bring it to the seller's attention and mine.
  • If you have a great transaction with a seller feel free to post a positive comment about the seller in the group. Please do not post anything negative about the seller. Bring it to my attention please.
  • Enjoy the site and be kind, patient and understanding. These sellers do not typically sell cards as a full time job. Sellers work extremely hard trying to make great listings. packaging items well and shipping fast. It is not as easy as it may seem to be a seller.
  • Do not delete bids. If you make a bid my mistake and need to retract communicate this with the seller or myself. However, this should only happen very rarely. Stand by your bids and purchases even if you get buyer's remorse after.
  • This group was formed from my fondness and success as a seller and occasional buyer in the Vintage Football Group.

    All of these rules below are copied pretty much word for word with the permission of the tremendous Administrator of the Vintage Football Group; Mike Tavenner

    Our rules are meant to keep things running smoothly. We strive to be a Safe, Fun, Positive place for collectors to interact. So Please ... No profanity, drama, rude or negative comments. Respect everyone and keep it positive. If you see anything that needs an admin's attention, please PM one. If you think a price is way too high, or a condition is over stated, or a card looks altered ... Don't comment in their post ... simply PM an Admin.
    ● BUMPING: Limit of 2 "bumps" per day. A 3rd bump is allowed if the item has bids. The goal is to give equal time near the top of the feed, so please consider the timing of your bumps. (Meaning; don't post 5 new items, and bump your old posts all at the same time). If an item gets no responses after 7 days, do not bump it .. without lowering the price.
    ● VINTAGE Basketball ONLY: We only allow Vintage Basketball cards & memorabilia from 1989 and earlier. Occasional posts are allowed of newer Autographed cards (of HOFers, future lock HOFers). Also, occasional vintage mixed sports lots that are predominately vintage football are allowed.
    ● PHOTOS / SCANS: Post LARGE, CLEAR pictures with cards REMOVED from plastic holders (top loaders, screw downs, binder sheets, etc). They produce a glare and can hide minor flaws. Always post front & back pics for single cards (or any lots under 8 cards). If selling large sets or lots in binder sheets, remove a few of the money cards and take individual pics of those too, to better show off card quality.
    ● SELLING / TRADING: Always post picture(s), card description(s), card condition(s), payment methods accepted, shipping charges and your asking price (or trade value $ amount). No un-priced "taking offers" type posts are allowed. All items need to be shipped with tracking. No PWE's.
    ● CARD CONDITIONS: Post an accurate description so people don't have to ask questions. (Card year, set, card numbers, condition, etc). Use the known hobby conditions; PR, FR, GD, VG, VG/EX, EX, EX/MT, NM, NM/MT, MINT, Gem Mint. ("Nice" and "Great" are not conditions). If you're not familiar with card conditions, we have a document in our "files" section that shows examples.
    ● FILLING NEEDS LISTS / PIECING OUT LARGE SETS & LOTS: Sellers can post sets or large lots they're piecing out (selling off individually) to help fill collectors "needs lists." Sellers should post a few pictures and a general description of what they have (ie; "Filling needs lists for 1974 Topps. Conditions vary, mostly EX/MT-ish"). Sellers should organize their cards prior to posting and be prepared to PM prices, conditions and pics to those who request them. Also, to be fair, responded to any inquiries in the order they were received, within reason. (Meaning; don't skip the first 5 guys smaller lists and sell everything to the 6th guy. Yes, that would be easier for you, but since you chose to fill needs lists, it creates animosity from the first 5 guys that took their time to respond with their lists). Also, please use PM's to handle communication & negotiations so you don't monopolize the main feed with comments.
    ● TRADE LISTS: Feel free to post your "Needs lists" or "Trade Cards Available" lists.
    ● BUYER AND SELLER COMMUNICATION: Sellers should "Tag" the buyer/winner in the post & PM them with item & payment info. Buyers should pay ASAP (or communicate intentions). When Buyer pays; PM the Seller that you've "Paid." Sellers need to PM tracking number once the item ships. Most issues arise on Facebook because of poor communication. Don't look at a PM then not reply with anything. The other person can see that you did that and it just raises questions. Also, don't jump to conclusions just because someone hasn't responded quickly. Not everyone checks their Facebook messages daily.
    ● PAYMENTS: Check Sellers post (prior to bidding) for the methods they except. Paypal is the typical way transactions are done. If you can't do Paypal, it's important to mention that prior to buying or selling. Payments need to be made (or mailed) within 72 hours (3 business days) ... unless prior arrangements were made. Communication is the key to smooth transactions. If you're mailing a payment, it needs to be mailed with tracking ... to protect everyone.
    ● PAYPAL: Always use Paypal "Goods and Services." Sellers are NOT allowed to ask for Paypal "Friends and Family.' It's not safe. You're not protected, and it's the #1 way that people get ripped off.
    ● TRACKING: It's required to use tracking on ALL items shipped. It's free on all USPS packages. If you fail to provide tracking, and they say the item never arrived ... you're obligated to refund.
    24 HOUR COUNTDOWN AUCTION FORMAT: Start post with ** A U C T I O N ** Post a minimum starting bid (no higher than 85% of the real value please). Minimum bid increments are $1. Mention; "Auction Ends 24 hours after last bid." No hidden reserves. Maximum of 5 new auction posts per day (every 24 hours).
    ● BIDDING: Bids are placed in the comments of the post. The minimum bid increment is $1 (unless $ .25 or $ .50 is listed in the post). No bid increments under $ .25 are allowed. NO DELETING OF BIDS (unless you contact an Admin first).

    ● SHIPPING: Always ship packages WITH TRACKING. PM the buyer the tracking number after it's mailed. Always protect the condition of cards when packaging. (Top loaders, heavy cardboard "sandwiches", bubble wrap, boxes .. whatever is needed to completely protect the cards). There's nothing worse than getting damaged cards because of sloppy, careless shipping methods. No PWE's.
    ● SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF U.S.: All shipping charges are for the continental US only. If you're outside of the U.S. you need to make arrangements with sellers prior to bidding or buying, and expect to pay the extra difference.
    ● SECURITY: Use your best judgment and protect yourself in all transactions. We can't fully screen everyone that joins this group, and all transactions are at your own risk. Never send Paypal by "friends and family". Paypal's buyer guarantee only applies when you pay through their "Goods and Services" method. Never trade with anyone you're unfamiliar with, without looking into them a little bit first (ask for references, ask an Admin, check the "negative feedback list" in our "Files" section. Check their name in one of the scammers/feedback groups. Search their name for other posts outside of our group, etc.) Please contact an Admin if you ever have any problems, or see anything that seems sketchy.
    ● FEEDBACK: Feedback lists can be found in our "Files" section. Please leave POSITIVE FEEDBACK for members in the comments section of the list.
    NEGATIVE FEEDBACK; Bad Traders, Banned Members, Non payers and known Scammers lists are also in the "Files section. They're compiled from accusations made from most of the sportscard groups & Admins groups on Facebook. They're arranged alphabetically by first name. Please PM any negative information to an Admin, so we can investigate & keep them updated.
    ● NON PAYS: If payment is not made within 72 hours the seller can relist, cancel or offer to the underbidder. Non payers are typically banned from the group and names are shared with other groups and put on negative feedback lists. Communication is the key to resolving issues.
    ● DELETING POSTS: No deleting of bids, posts or comments (unless you contact an Admin first). If you accidentally enter an incorrect bid amount, contact an Admin before deleting it. Don't delete old posts. We want the records to be there. If your item's no longer for sale, simply edit header & add "sold." I'll occasionally delete old posts, so if you need a record, take a screen shot.
    ● WAX PACKS & WAX BOX SALES of vintage basketball cards are allowed. However, if they're not factory sealed (or wrapped / graded by a tpg), you must accept refunds if the buyer feels they were tampered with.
    ● AUTOGRAPHED cards and items are allowed. However, if they are not authenticated by a reputable company, you must accept refunds if they are proven to be fakes.
    ● NO SPAM, LINKS or outside ADVERTISING without Admin pre-approval. We do have a "File" thread named; "Links to: Other Facebook Groups, Websites, Stores, Ebay Profiles, etc." where you can post your links. Please limit your personal bumps of that thread to twice a month. No non-hobby related links.
    ● NO CHARITY, Help a sick friend, or fundraising type posts are allowed.
    ● NO REPRINT CARDS unless certified, or card has "reprint" printed on it.
    ● NO BOX BREAKS (unless approved by Admin).
    ● NO RAZZES, Mystery lots or Contests (without Admin approval).
    And lastly, this is a hobby.... Have fun and enjoy your collection!