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Shipping Hold Program

Shipping cards is more than simply stuffing cards in a plain white envelope with a first class stamp!  I hate to receive cards like that.  Thus why PWE is not allowed in any of my groups or the auction site.   You need good packaging and tracking by USPS or UPS.    

In my personal case I seldom, use even First Class US Postal service for sending cards.  I did it for years and got tired of weighing all the packages.  Is this 4 ounces?  Is this 6 ounces?   Then being wrong and getting the package returned by the post office was the worst!  So for over a year now, even if you win just one card I send in a priority one rate envelope well protected.  Also I always include extra cards, so it would be very unusual for you to get just one card from "Lot of Cards".   

Updated program as or June 8th 2023:

  • Anytime you want your card/s mailed simply pay $8 and it will be sent out the same or next day the post office is open.
  • Shipping will be sent at no cost to you as soon as you hit > $100 in auction wins or purchases directly with Lot of Cards on our different pages which include auction.lotofcards.com, my two Facebook Groups and my Shopify store.
  • Cards will be held until you hit that $100 in purchased cards that have not been mailed or you pay the $8 to expedite the shipment.

Thank you for all you have done to make “Lot of Cards” a success.

Mike Levine 603-557-5919