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Preferred sellers

Lot of Cards Facebook Group  is changing, growing and inspiring new thoughts every day.  Effective September 12th, 2021 the site will become an auction only site.  All auctions will conform to the 24 hour rule.   This means in quick summary as soon as someone bids the clock resets another 24 hours.   This is a much better format than eBay auctions in our opinion.   Buyers can not snipe bid at the last minute/second like eBay and bidders do not wait until day seven to do the majority of bidding.  Typically our auctions last five days or less to complete.  

By being an auction only site we are eliminating "Buy it Now" listings in the group.   Buy it now will now be posted exclusively in our store off this website.   All preferred buyers have the ability to add listings to the store as buy it now. 

We are moving the group also to the majority of auctions will be from our "Preferred Sellers".    This serves multiple purposes it provides a safer way for buyers to buy in the group.   It also rewards the preferred sellers for their hard work by reducing the number of random posts from pretty much any new person in the group.   See our FAQ to define more about the preferred seller program. 

See our list of preferred sellers here:

See our FAQ about the program here: