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I wanted to congratulate you on being nominated and offered the designation as a preferred seller by the administration of "Lot of Cards"!  It is our goal of this program to accomplish "a lot" over time!   This includes but not limited to:

- Growing the Lot of Cards Facebook group number of members and overtime increasing web traffic and sales off the Lot of Cards website.  

- Making the "Lot of Cards" Facebook group stand out, as a safe place for purchasing of sports, non sports and memorabilia.   Each preferred seller, that accepts this offer will have a designation as a preferred seller badge in the Lot of Cards group.   At the option of the "preferred seller" a page will be built specifically for her/him to advertise their cards, focus, and inventory.  This is sort of like an on-line business card/brochure.    There is no cost to the preferred seller for having this page real estate on the site. 

-Giving "Preferred sellers" preferential treatment when purchasing from Lot of Cards.  This will include a discount on all purchases.   In other words one of the goals of this "Preferred seller" program  is to whenever possible wholesale/special deals cards to the sellers.  You will have a discount code specifically for preferred sellers, just in case you wanted to purchase something. There is no obligation or requirement to do so. 

How this will work:

Effective Sunday September 12th, 2021 the "Lot of Cards" Facebook group will become an "Auction only" site.   Buy it Now listings, will not be allowed in the group.   Reasoning for this is an extensive study over time has shown that the vast majority of purchases off the Lot of Cards" has been the 24 hour format auctions.  There still is a purpose of "Buy it Now" listings and those will be only offered on the www.lotofcards.com website. 

As a Preferred Seller you are not obligated to add listings to the Lot of Cards website.  However, you are entitled and encouraged to add high quality cards and listings there and in the group obviously.   The process is simple to add your cards to the Lot of Cards website .  Simply send your pictures, suggested text and asking price via Facebook Messenger to Grant Kush, VP of Marketing for Lot of Cards.   Grant, or his designate will post your listing to our store within typically 24-48 hours.   

If your product sells the payment will go to "Lot of Cards".   You will be sent funds to ship the item/cards right away.   This will be $4.00 for First Class and $8.00-$10 for Priority Rate shipments.  We have vast knowledge on what type of USPS box/packaging will be required.    We also can use our shipping and we will send you the shipping label.  In this case you just need to print the shipping label, package and ship the purchase.     Lot of Cards will then send you 90% of the sale price.   Lot of Cards keeps 10% to cover processing fees of 3% on average and some profit that will help contribute to marketing expenses of the Lot of Cards website with the goal of increased traffic.  

As a preferred seller you will be able to list up to five auctions a day on the Lot of Cards Facebook group.   Same as you always have been.   Upon success and willingness this number can be increased over time.  The big difference is here:  All other sellers who have not been designated as a preferred seller will only be allowed, one auction listing per day.   

Also as a preferred seller you will be able to post right away your auctions to the "Lot of Cards" Facebook group.   Other sellers will have their posts needing approval before the post is live on the website.   In other words "post approvals" are on for all members except preferred sellers. 

In summary I think the biggest reason of this entire program and new endeavor "Lot of Cards" is doing, is to increase the quality of all posts with nicer cards and listings.   Another reason for this program is to increase the average sales of our top sellers "preferred sellers".    

These changes to the "Lot of Cards" Facebook group are scheduled to be announced to all members of the group prior to implementation of the rules on September 12th.  Any questions please contact Grant Kush and/or Mike Levine.