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Potential change I would suggest to Vintage Basketball

Confidential discussion about our basketball group: 

Realize just how much work it is for the 4 of us moderating and administering this basketball group.  I appreciate all your help very much.   The group has done well but candidly it has taken turns that I am not really fond of in recent months. 

In summary mostly it is new sellers that really do not know what they are doing and are just trying to catch the wave of vintage basketball cards.    

I would like to limit new sellers to just 2 posts a day max.    Move to something if not exactly what I am doing in my "Lot of Cards" Group.  In that group I have built a preferred sellers program.  In quick summary it is a work in progress but doing quite well since implementing. 

I have moved to "playing up the proven sellers.   These are sellers I like their posts and over a good period of time they have proven to do quality posts and I have had pretty much zero issues or problems from buyers.

What I would suggest is preferred sellers can post up to five times a day.   We together can pick who would be invited into this "preferred seller" program.  People not selected in the first phase of "preferred sellers" can post 2 times a day max.   They are sort of in AAA trying to get to be in the big leagues.  

All sellers but the preferred sellers get post approval turned on.  Goal is to encourage sellers that really want to become a preferred seller to work toward this with no issue and have their posts approved daily.  

This rewards the top sellers.   Please send me your thoughts on this.   

You can read more about my preferred sellers for the Lot of Cards group here:

My purpose of having this group is really quite limited to allowing me to network with buyers and potentially purchase some nice cards.   However, I am turned off lately a bit due to just how many unique sellers we have.  I would rather have a higher buyer to seller ratio.   Ideally I hate buy it now.   However, that would be too drastic removing.  However, in my Lot of Cards group we have moved without objection to auction only.    Again I am discussing this and am open to other ideas.   However, something needs to be done in my strong opinion.