Our favorite Facebook Groups that we sell in

Our favorite Facebook Groups that we sell in are below!   Facebook is gaining more and more steam on selling collectibles.  If you have any questions about how it works in the groups please let me know. 

Vintage Football Group
This is the Vintage Football Group.  Been selling in there as Mike Levine for several years.   Search "Levine" in the group.

Lot of Cards Facebook Group
Group that is run by Lot of Cards.  Looking to expand usage of this in 2020.   Ask at the group to join. 

Vintage Basketball 1989 on Back

I am the admin of that group and started it.  It is all about vintage basketball cards from 1989 on back.   Ask to join at the group. 

CardBoard Heros Vintage Card Group
I sell vintage cards here as well.  Mostly use it for baseball and occasional non sports.