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Lot of Recruitment Consulting

My professional career has been focused on recruitment.  

I am available for consulting opportunities in recruitment and human resources. Utilizing my home office in Nashua, NH I have the ability to work remote performing recruitment services.  There is also flexibility in my day to spend time at your office.  I offer 25+ years in recruitment either working under contingency, retained or hourly recruitment assignments.   My major focus is in the recruitment of technology professionals from Executive level on down.  Highly skilled in global recruitment having hired Engineers internationally for Linaro, Ltd based in Cambridge, UK for the last 8 years. At last count I hired employees in  26 different countries for Linaro. 

Quick summary of my experience and expertise in recruitment:

● Balance of agency and corporate recruitment expertise
● Rehired by multiple companies in my career
● Excellent social media and cold calling recruitment skills
● Extremely knowledgeable in all facets of recruitment and HR

Linaro, Inc. www.linaro.org
6/2011 - Present
Director Global Talent

● Sourced, recruited and Hired 95% of all employees globally. Hired talent in 26 countries. Have hired hundreds of people in my time at Linaro.
● Talent Management role involved with all Executives in the company dealing with compensation, benefits, internal communication tools, retention, training tools and other people related activities for a very complex global software company focused on Linux on Arm and Open Source Software.
● Established company wide systems for applicant tracking, video conferencing, and various other tools such as several LinkedIn tools for Linaro.
● Traveled extensively globally for Linaro for various of our own conferences and other events.
● Handle multiple administrative responsibilities for Linaro such as US and Canadian HR, financial tasks and deal with state compliance.

My career prior to Linaro is a combination of recruitment experiences spanning over 20 years. This includes full time positions in management at recruiting firms such as Corico Recruiters, Hoffman Recruiters and my own entrepreneurial efforts called EXP Recruiters, Vital Resources and Available ASAP.

This also includes contract recruiting and retained recruitment with:
Linaro Ltd, Collaborative Consulting (rehired twice), Thermo Fisher Scientific (rehired twice), Charles River Development and other contracts

This is all broken down chronologically on my LinkedIn profile here:

If interested in arranging an interview please contact me
at 603-557-5919 or mike@lotofcards.com 

Some videos of me discussing Linaro recruitment: