2024 Table Costs:

  • The cost for your first table is $50, with each additional table priced at $25.
  • If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Mike at 1-603-557-5919 or email sales@lotofcards.com.

Discover Our Family-Friendly Thursday Night Events:

Looking for a family-friendly entertainment on Thursday nights? Look no further! Join us at Lot of Cards for our exciting Thursday night event on December 14th, held at the luxurious Sheraton Nashua hotel.

Why Thursday Nights?
Our shows are carefully scheduled on Thursday nights to ensure that you don't miss out on any weekend activities or competing events in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It's the perfect opportunity for families and card enthusiasts to come together and enjoy a night filled with cards, collectibles, and camaraderie.

Sheraton Nashua: The Ultimate Venue:
Experience the elegance of the Sheraton Nashua, our chosen venue for these remarkable shows. It's not just another hotel; it's the epitome of sophistication in Southern NH. Join us here for an unforgettable card collecting experience.

Reserve Your Spot:
To attend our December 14th shows or learn more about them, simply contact us at

Phone: 603-557-5919

Email: sales@lotofcards.com

Secure Your Table:
If you're looking to showcase your collection or be a part of our shows as a vendor, you can reserve tables and find payment information options below. Tables are six foot and cost $50 for the first table and $25 each additional. You need to pay in advance to reserve your spot as so far we always have sold out our available tables.

Our Passion for Cards:
Card collecting has been a lifelong passion for our founder, Mike Levine. With decades of experience, he's dedicated to making these events personal and enjoyable for everyone. Connect with Mike in our vibrant Facebook groups, Lot of Cards for auctions and Vintage Basketball for vintage basketball card sales.

Mike Levine and the Lot of Cards team are eager to meet you and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out:

Remember, all auctions and listings are backed by Lot of Cards. Interested in selling or consigning with us? Inquire about the process at sales@lotofcards.com. We can't wait to welcome you to our card-loving community!https://www.facebook.com/groups/cardshowsheratonnashua

  • Clover Link:

    Use our safe and secure Clover link below to make payments for your purchases, auction wins, or table reservations.

  • PayPal:

    You can pay through PayPal, and our PayPal address is sales@lotofcards.com.

  • Venmo:

    Contact Mike Levine to use Venmo as a payment method.