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List of Preferred Sellers for Lot of Cards Facebook Group

The following people are considered preferred sellers with Lot of Cards.   This makes them trusted sellers to purchase from.  They have proven themselves overtime by quality and interesting posts.  Administration of Lot of Cards has received very limited, if any negative feedback from buyers or complaints following many many sales in Lot of Cards.  Preferred sellers realize this is a privilege to be a preferred seller in our group and potentially our website.  They vow to treat customers with respect and provide what they describe without known issues.   See our FAQ for more information on our program and how you potentially can join these elite sellers.  

(In alphabetical last name order)

Brian Chanley 

Barry Clegg           

Will Danz  

Gary Enrique

Paul Frasca

Josue Gonzales

Danny Kowalski           

Grant Kush
Group Administrator

Mike Levine
Founder of Lot of Cards & Group Administrator

Mike Malgieri    

Chris Martinez     

Josh Mooreland

Mike Natzke

Andy Pargament

Lance Runyon

Mark Wilde