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FAQ about Preferred Seller program

  • Why was this put in place?   The program allows for a more controlled environment that offers consistent high quality listings on Lot of Cards.   There is a certain path that the administration of this group and the company of "Lot of Cards" would like to go in the future and this allows us a path to get there. 
  • How were the preferred sellers chosen?  Over a long period of selling the particular sellers chosen have had pretty much zero defects in shipments or listings reported to the administration of the group.   They are also listing typically their five posts a day.   A couple have been pre-approved to even on occasion list more than five listings per day.   There is also a nice mix of specialties it seems of the preferred sellers.   This ultimately will provide nicer cards for our most valued buyers in the group and off of our website.
  • Is this list finalized?  No but for a month or so it is not in the plans to add more "preferred sellers".   Those sellers that feel they were overlooked by our evaluation process or those sellers that would like to be included in the future should email or message Mike Levine and/or Grant Kush.  
  • Is it safe to purchase from sellers on the Facebook group not listed on this list?   Yes we certainly hope so.   Much effort is made to evaluate all sellers in the Lot of Cards group.   However, like most Facebook purchases you should pay with Goods and Services with PayPal which provides you protection as a buyer.  See PayPal and contact administration of the group should you have any issue buying from a seller listed as preferred or not in our group.   
  • Why did the group change to Auction only?  Why not DOND, Buy it now, Fire sales, breaks, razzes or other types of listings?  After much review "buy it now" listings are simply not what most of our top buyers in the group prefer.   Auctions in the opinion of administration of the group are the most fair for the buyers.   This is the best way for the buyers to determine the worth of these little pieces of cardboard.  There are many other places that you can purchase cards "buy it now" including our own website's store.   However, for auctions on Facebook our sellers offer hopefully consistent and safe ways to get a great deal for buyers.  
  • Are there plans to change the Vintage Basketball group to this style? The vintage basketball group is doing extremely well the way it is.   There are no immediate plans that should concern any buyer, seller or moderator in that group.   The group was modeled after the highly successful Vintage Football group and Mike Levine started basketball following being a successful long term seller in that group.   It is great that there is consistency and a nice working relationship between the two groups.   Again the changes made to the Lot of Cards group are not being planned for Vintage Basketball currently.