Recruiting for PSA in Santa Ana, California

Mike Levine Recruiting Card Graders for PSA


My name is Mike Levine and I live in Nashua, NH.   My professional career for the last three decades has been recruiting.  Most of this experience has been with software companies.  For the last 10 years I have worked for Linaro, Ltd a Cambridge, UK company as their Director Global Talent.   This is my day job and I love the company!  

My night job and hobby deals with running my "Lot of Cards" business. 
Recently, I have been doing a dream job!   It is giving me the chance to combine my long history of successful recruitment expertise with one of my life long passions:

Since the age of 10 I have been collecting sports cards.  Cards were a huge part of my life back in the 1970's and they still are in the 2020's.  That is so crazy to me!   Currently, I sell cards mostly on Facebook and work for PSA helping them find graders.   To learn more about the grading position see below and if interested please contact me at 
In order to qualify you must already be in a commuting range of Santa Ana, California or be very willing and excited to relocate there.  Job descriptions below:


If you are into sport cards and memorabilia then ideally it would be great for you to join one of my groups on Facebook.  More about these below and in links.   Specific questions to me regarding PSA can go to or you email me here at or call/text 603-557-5919.
Below is the group that I use that ties to this business "Lot of Cards"

My full LinkedIn Profile is here:

I am also a seller in a vintage Football card group. If you are a fan of Football cards especially vintage click here to join: