Lot of Cards - best practices for selling and buying in Facebook groups


Mike Levine's story of how this "Lot of Cards" collecting started.   It was the year 1975 and nothing was cooler to me than playing sports and sport card collecting.   My collection back then was mostly all stored in a cedar chest that had a lock.  That sat at the foot of my twin bed in Peabody, MA.     That chest was stuffed with cool items that many 10 year olds would cherish.   Back then I thought I had a lot of cards.  The fun of going to the store and pleading with my mom to let me buy some Topps and Fleer packs.   Rushing home and opening the packs was incredibly fun and exciting.  The element of surprise was so addicting.  Adrenaline rush like no other as a ten year old.  

Flash forward 45 years later and I really have a "Lot of Cards".   This came from feeling like the cards flashed me back to my childhood.  Simpler times before I had to earn a living and support my family.  For some reason I just kept purchasing and growing the hoard.   I mean collection.   This constant purchasing made me make several contacts that I could buy collections/lots of cards from.   I kept spending more and more money on the collection. 

After about 35 years of just collecting and never selling one card ever.  I then said or rather my wife Theresa said, time to sell.  So about 10 years ago I started doing some selling like many others on eBay.   This worked well and I was even up to being a power seller on eBay at one point.  The issue with eBay for me is you can not deal with the customers.  You can not share your information.  You can not do a lot of things!  Or you can easily get kicked off from violating their many rules.   There must have be a more fun and interactive way of selling.   Thus came along Facebook Groups.  

They take some getting use to but there are many advantages of selling on Facebook compared to eBay.

To me besides lower fees that best thing about Facebook selling is getting to meet and converse and even become friends with the people you are buying and selling with. 

Selling on Facebook:

1) Real good to have a PayPal account and always interact for your protection doing purchases as goods and services.   After you develop that relationship you can do some friends and family payments.  However, that is still risky as you may trust your friend but can you also trust the whole USPS?  If you pay for something or sell something using friends and family you are not protected like you are with goods and services. 

2) Be kind and communicate often. Develop a relationship with your buyers the best you can or they allow you to.   LISTEN to what they want.  KNOW what they might like of  yours.   

3)  Do not oversell items based on quality or rareness.  Most likely anything cards wise at least you are selling there are many listings on eBay for the same items. 

4) Package fast, send tracking, make sure your customer got what they ordered.   Be extremely fair with your shipping costs.  Over charging for shipping is a big mistake that will make buyers not return to you. 

5) Try your best to do everything with a record of the conversation and save tracking numbers.   Big time saver is using PayPal shipping to ship and stamps.com.  Anything that you can get the tracking number of the package as  you just never know with all that the USPS ships on a daily basis.  


Facebook Groups buying and selling can be quite addicting and fun.  On occasion can get confusing.   


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