About Lot of Cards

I have been a collector since about the age of nine.  Over the years have purchased many collections and this "Lot of Cards"  just kept growing and growing!

This is a hobby of mine.   So if you wanted to visit and are local to Nashua, NH best times would be in the evening and the weekends.   Simply email me or text to arrange a visit. 

My goal is to build this as a great way for you to purchase a "Lot of Cards".   Hopefully you will enjoy great pictures, products and services. 

If you are local to Nashua, NH please reach out and I can give you a tour of this massive collection. Simply email me at mike@lotofcards.com to schedule a time to come by or text/call me at 603-557-5919.  

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I have been consistently buying and selling sport cards for over 40 years.  In my younger days it was just wanting a "lot of cards".   Well now it is more about selling and trying to build this business.  

Often I get calls or emails asking  "Do I buy cards and collections?" Yes, I do buy collections but we should discuss what is the best avenue for you.  What I can help you with, is to appraise your collection and help educate you on  how to sell it for a fair price. 

Sometimes I do suggest me buying your collection.  However, often that is not your best option,   As I need to buy to sell it myself.  It is better for me to work with you on selling your collection or to educate you how to sell it without me. 

There are many options and ideas.   It is not that complicated but it is best to be an informed seller prior to becoming a seller.  I can help get you there.  

Card collections can be cumbersome and heavy.

It is better for me to come to you before you attempt to pack it all up and bring it to me.   I will gladly visit with you to discuss.  Typical territory for me to travel is New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Distances farther than that would need to be discussed. 

Do I grade cards?

I have memberships in both PSA and SGC and will gladly work with you to get your cards graded.  Often this it is the way to go.  On your nicer items/cards it makes sense to get them graded so you have an expanded market to sell them and to potentially earn more profit. 

I have many contacts into sports memorabilia and cards.

No one can be an expert on everything.  My expertise in regards to this hobby is sport cards from the early 1900's to present.   I have contacts that are very knowledgeable on non sport cards and sports memorabilia.   I can help make introductions for you if need be. 

How to make an appointment with me?

I pride myself on being available and hopefully helpful.  Simply email me at mike@lotofcards or text or call me at 1-603-557-5919.  Click below to pay up front for your appraisal service using PayPal or a Credit Card.