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500 cards won equals 500 free cards plan


I have the following issues:

1) Have an awful "Lot of Cards".  Taking up my most of my basement of my house mostly!  My wife is not a fan of this, for sure! 
2) This is a hobby business for me and I only have so many hours to put to the business weekly. 
3) I am tired of being at my local Post office 5-6 times a week shipping mainly first class packages of small lots of 1-50 cards.   

You as a buyer have the following issues:

1) It is difficult to purchase cards at an affordable price.  Especially when shipping costs on average from most sellers are $4.00 for 1 to say 50 cards.  More money greater than 50 cards purchased/ordered.

2) When you buy exactly what you order you get no element of surprise when you are opening that package.  More about my thoughts on "element of surprise"

Proposed Solution:

Let me accumulate (hold) cards for you and once you get to 500 cards purchased I will add an additional 500 cards for free. 

These will be a mix of cards, sports, years and brands.   You will not get a box of junk cards. You will get mostly cards 1980 to Present as the extra 500.  Sorry I can't add 500 vintage cards.  :) However,  I take great pleasure in surprising my best buyers.   It keeps them coming back and feels nice for me to share my wealth in cards.  So I will send roughly 1,000 cards to you for $8.00 total shipping.   1,000 cards shipped for $8.00 is a lot better then buying many small lots and paying $4.00 shipping for each.   Also all your packages will be sent Priority rate which is typically safer and faster than First Class shipments. 

How this will work/be tracked:

We communicate using Facebook Messenger.  When you win one of my auctions I send a picture of what you won.  You pay the auction price without any added shipping costs. 

I will store your cards that you won on auction in a box labeled with your name.  Once we start I will share a picture of the box with you with your name.   

When you hit 500 cards we will communicate and I will ask you for $8.00 for shipping to be paid via PayPal.  Once you pay the $8.00 then I will ship your cards and add the additional 500 cards.   Eventually I should learn your likes for example favorite, teams or sports.  Nightly as I am going through boxes off cards when I see cards that I think you will like I will add to your box.

Been thinking about my situation as a collector for the last 45 years!  Selling has been going well but I am not really putting much of a dent.  I like giving cards away and propose this:

An economical and safe way to ship cards is in a padded priority rate bag with two  (500) count boxes filled with cards.   This means shipping 1,000 cards at today's rate of $8.15 using PayPal shipping or Stamps.com. 

Advantages for both of us:  You get 500 extra/free cards as a nice element of surprise to build to your "Lot of Cards" collection.  I visit the post office less often!  Slowly but surely more of my collection goes to many new homes.  

These pictures only show some of my cards.  I have more cards in other parts of my house.  Help me clear more cards out!   Give my wife more storage space. 

Lastly if you do not hit your 500 cards and want them shipped faster, simply message me and we will make it happen either for $4.00 or $8.00.