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Shipping sport cards with care and cost effectively

After over 40 years of collecting it has been a focus of mine to sell a "Lot of Cards".   From my PayPal statistics in the last 2 years I have done over 6,000+ transactions and 95% of those involved me shipping to someone or receiving a shipment from a seller.  As a buyer here is what I hate to see:   A poorly packaged shipment of cards.   This ranges from people being really cheap and sending things in PWE (plain white envelopes) which is certainly cause for me to never buy from them again to just simply dumb packaging that does not protect the cards at all.   So many damaged shipments over the years of buying!    So when I sell and ship my goal is to send as how I would like to receive.  A well packaged "lot of cards" with some extras thrown in.   Extras are for the surprise element and I include on almost every shipment I have done in the last year or so.  

The suggested format for shipping cards should be using PayPal Shipping or some other service similar.  I use PayPal Shipping or www.stamps.com for every card I send out.   Here are some simple steps to make sure you package well:

1) Use a top loader, penny sleeve or plastic card holder to protect the cards.

2) Painters tape is a blessing to keep your items from bouncing around in the package.  The tape comes off easily.  Do not use for outside packaging.  Use only heavy duty shipping tape for that.   Inside the package painters tape works great. 

3)  Some sort of padding, such as cut up cardboard or other protective materials should be always used.

4) Use PayPal shipping and/or stamps.com to save money on shipping and to make sure you adding the right postage to the weight of the shipment.  Over one pound you need to send priority rates.   

5) Learn to master priority rate shipping    Customers appreciate getting the items faster and many times if you combine shipping you can send one package priority less than it will take you to send two or certainly less then three packages to the same customer First Class shipping.   

6) Either they pay less or you do if you offer free shipping.  Trust me the shipping costs can get out of control very quickly.  

7) Send your customers tracking every time!   Another advantage of using an online shipping tool like PayPal Shipping or Stamps.com 

8) Be prepared for no matter how hard you try a package or two going missing in the process of using USPS.   Thus why you need tracking and you should always use goods and services for buying and selling. 

Any questions on shipping please message me on Facebook messenger or email Mike Levine @ sales@lotofcards.com 

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