Please do not pass the PayPal fees on to the buyers

When selling sport cards in Facebook Groups:

Please do not charge the buyers for your PayPal seller fees or insist on Friends and Family payments. Let's quickly compare selling the way we do here to eBay. If you were to sell on eBay you would be looking at 100% of the time sending payments goods and services and paying about a 9% total fee for collectibles adding the 2.9% +.030 cents PayPal fee.

You also will get in trouble trying to build a relationship with the buyers on eBay.  Also with eBay it is hard to make good progress as a seller unless you offer free shipping. They openly try to persuade sellers to list with "free shipping".    However, when you ship with free shipping it is just free to the buyers!   At the minimum for sport cards shipping First Class USPS you will be paying $2.75 to $4.00 on average.  With Facebook the paradigm is more to charge for shipping. 

Why am I talking about eBay? Selling on Facebook the max you pay currently is the PayPal fee 2.9% and 30 cents.  I have paid a lot of money to PayPal for sure!  However, think about it for every $100 you sell you pay $3.20 to PayPal. That is not bad at all! The goal here in Facebook Groups  is to network and potentially build lasting relationships with people with a common interest: sport cards and memorabilia. Please do not sell things friends and family unless the buyer themselves actually are friends with you and they are fine with having no buyer's protection. Also please do not attempt to pass on the PayPal fees to the buyers. If you are trying to make affordable lots for the buyers you really need to pay the fees to PayPal and be happy about the ability to sell on Facebook and in this group. Good listings offers a card or cards at an affordable good deal for the buyer. Charging them for your selling fee is not something you should be doing. Thanks for listening and again I need this to be a safe and affordable way for buyers to get great deals. 
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